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  • Hi Jose!

    I can’t help but be happy about what you are doing. Where I live (south LA) and in general, I find that the Latino community has a misinterpretation of what a dog or cat is.

    the typical “oh its just an animal, he belongs outside” or “its a dog its supposed to eat bones” or the chaining of animals, is very sad but typical.

    I would love to know if you plan on having conferences around Latino areas to educate people about dogs so they can learn they are pack animals that love their families and not an animal to be chained and feared.

    You can contact me any time!

    Yair Barojas

  • Hi Jose!
    I just read Yair’s posting and I feel exactly the same!! I’m a teacher in Los Angeles and am interested in humane education targeting the Latino population. I wrote an email and it bounced back. I would love to collaborate !! It’s great that you joined NKLA!

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